Whether it be for shipping/transport labels, asset identification or even retail product labels, ASAP Labels can manufacture all of your blank labelling needs.

A label is designed to ensure that the performance required will meet the customer’s needs. A wide range of adhesives are available to suit all applications. Permanent, removable and freezer grade are some of adhesives offered.

Due to the high customer demand, ASAP also supplies special labels such as weatherproof (outdoor), water-soluble (glassware, medical) and textile (apparel).

With knowledge gained through the years of experience in the printing industry, we at ASAP believe that we can supply you and your company the best product at the best price.

Blank Labels can be split into 3 main types;

Direct Thermal

Direct thermal labels are sensitive to heat and work when your printer elements transfer heat onto the label, which then produces an image on the label.

 Thermal Transfer

A more permanent printing method that uses a ribbon to lay ink onto a label surface. This method has a better quality print transfer and longevity compared to direct thermal. The correct selection of ribbon matched with a variety of paper or synthetic labels can produce great labels for a wide variety of markets and end users. Thermal transfer can use black or a variety of coloured ribbons to add that personalised touch.

Laser Sheets

A trusted and true printing technology. Laser sheets in a4 or smaller can be produced in a vast range of colours and inner label sizes. Great for pallet labels or just your home or office printing, suitable for black and white or colour laser printers.

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