The thermal transfer ribbon is a polyester film coated with a thermal sensitive composite, available in all sizes and for all types of printers.

Selecting the correct type of thermal ribbon for your specific label application will ensure that you will get the best possible print for the job at hand.

There are three main types of ribbons:


This ribbon is recommended on the use of a matt (uncoated) paper label material. A wax ribbon is coated with a wax-based ink in which when heat from the print head is applied, the wax based ink will melt onto the label, leaving you with your required print format. This ribbon is less durable out in the field, but also the least expensive.


Although this ribbon is not the most cost effective compared to a wax ribbon, wax-resin ribbons are the most popular due to being significantly more durable out in the field. This ribbon although similar to a wax, has a combination of both a wax and a resin based ink coating on it. This combination is ideal from an uncoated paper stock through to a glossy paper stock and even some synthetic stocks.  This ribbon will give you a much clearer and sharper image and increase its resistance to rough handling.

Full Resin

Full resin ribbon is the most expensive form of thermal transfer printing, compared to the wax and the wax-resin. This ribbon is commonly used on a non-paper, synthetic stock that requires high durability and high resistance to rough handling. The pure resin coating allows you to thermal transfer print on your labels, with the confidence that your print can withstand the most punishing conditions.

We stock an extensive range of ribbons and carry a large range of sizes and colours to suit most popular brand printers.

We will ensure that you are able to get the best possible print quality along with print head longevity for your thermal transfer printer. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to your specific ribbon requirements.


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